Juegos Infantiles

  • Swing Racer
    This crazy race car is really tough to drive. How far down the track will you make it?
  • Kogama: Camping Place
    Create a cool campground in this Kogama level.
  • Vegas Blackjack
    Stick, twist or bust? It's time to find out, at the lucky blackjack tables!
  • Super Mario Kogama World
    Join Mario and the rest of the gang from the Mushroom Kingdom in this crazy Kogama level.
  • Kogama: Adventure in Dino
    Create your own levels in a world that’s filled with tons of prehistoric fun.
  • Back to Candyland 4: Lollipop Garden
    It’s time to return to the world’s sweetest and tastiest jelly-matching game!
  • Kogama: Slender
    Who is the mysterious Slenderman? Find out in this exciting Kogama game.
  • Blob's Story 2
    The bodacious blob is back in action and he’s looking for love...
  • Troll Tale
    This troll is about to embark on an adventure. Maybe he’ll encounter some real trolls during his travels?
  • Kogama: Gumball
    Play Kogama with all your favorite Gumball characters in this cool sandbox level!
  • Snoring Before Time
    This game is pretty dreamy but it’s so fast-paced that it won’t make you sleepy…
  • Zombie Return
    When zombies strike back there’s no telling what kind of mayhem you’ll be up against.
  • Kogama: Jump
    Jump into your own 3D parkour game—can you make it over every obstacle?
  • It's A Witch Thing: Summer
    She’s on vacation but that doesn’t mean this witch can goof off. There’s tons of work to be done!
  • Kogama: World Racing
    Get ready to race, Kogama style. Which super fast car do you wanna drive?
  • Alexia Crow: The Pandora's Box
    What mysteries are waiting for Alexia as she continues her search for the legendary Pandora’s Box?
  • Sam Bogert
    Private Eye Sam Bogert’s on a mission to save a damsel in distress…care to tag along?
  • Kogama: SpeedRace
    It’s all about speed in this thrilling Kogama level! Start your engines!
  • Kidding Me?
    We aren’t joking around: only you can stop all these spies from sneaking into the secret base.
  • Steel Jack
    Jack’s on a jewel hunt—he’d better get jumping.
  • Swing Copters
    After Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen’s new game is Swing Copters. How high can you fly without hitting the spikes?
  • Cosmo Gravity 2
    This cute astronaut is exploring a not-so cute spaceship full of horror. Hope he brought his blaster...
  • Feed Me Moar 3
    These aliens need feeding! Give them what they need to make it through the maze!
  • Tesla Defense 2
    The legendary inventor sure has his work cut out for him this time. Help Tesla shock these soldiers.
  • Angry Bees
    These bugs are on the march. Get ready for a pint-sized battle of epic proportions!
  • Tank Rage in Zombie City
    The evil undead are about to take over the city! Only you—and your tank—can stop them.
  • Jolly Days Quiz
    Find out your dream holiday destination with this fun quiz game. Just don’t forget your toothbrush!
  • Rolling Hero 4
    Nothing’s as it seems in this rolling, tilting world…
  • Stealth Bound Level Pack
    You’ll need every trick in the book in order to break out of this hi-tech prison.
  • Kogama: Zoo
    When you find you’ve got a whole zoo to discover there’s nothing left to do but go wild!
  • Hot Runner Pepper Run
    Here’s a pepper with a huge appetite for racing and junk food too.
  • Ronin Strike
    Honor. Strength. Speed. These are the skills a ronin needs to survive.
  • Trollface Quest 5: World Cup 2014
    The World Cup is exciting but the Troll Cup is totally insane. Are you a big enough troll to go home a champ?
  • Dirt Course
    Time to put this SUV through it's paces...any takers?
  • NanoSWAT
    Micro-terrorists are attacking the president! The fate of the Federation is in your hands.
  • Kogama: Ice Park
    Brrrr—it’s chilly! Put on your jacket: there’s a whole world of snow and ice to discover...
  • Kogama: Level Up
    Get ready to take your world-building skills to a whole different level.
  • Theft Super Cars
    You’re one job away from paying off your debts to the mob—but it’ll be the toughest one of your life.
  • Zombie Grave
    This ancient tomb contains tons of treasure but there’s just one little problem. It’s chock full of zombies!
  • Super Space Army
    You’re all alone, it’s dark and there’s a million monsters trying to eat you. No big deal, right?
  • Run Panda Run
    This bouncing bear is going jogging but he hasn’t picked the safest route. Can you keep him out of trouble?
  • Discover Istanbul
    Unlock the gems of Istanbul one puzzle board at a time.
  • My Dear Bosses
    If there’s anything worse than one boss, it’s two. Teach these maniacal managers a lesson they won’t forget!
  • Kogama: Festival Park
    Design a fantastic and super fun park with this latest and greatest Kogama map.
  • Zevil: The Terror Begins
    These two cops are in way over their heads in a forest chock full of the undead.
  • Kogama: West Town
    Put on your cowboy hat and start creating and playing your own amazing Wild West game!
  • Kogama: My New House
    Shrink yourself to the size of a mouse and start exploring the giant world that is your house!
  • Time Squadron
  • Blockade Hell
    Want to become a hero? Then block these monsters before they enter your territory!
  • Sun Beams
    Wanna make the sun shine? Just click the dark clouds away!
  • Pile of Tiles
    In these island sands, classic Mahjong and Tetris collide!
  • Bonus Hunter
    Put on your goggles and get ready for a crazy balloon ride! Grab all the gifts you can before you land.
  • Panzault
    The enemy has taken to the skies. How long will you and your tank last against their aerial onslaught?
  • Face Chase
    Only you can help the little block escape from his big, red bully.
  • Lunar Lemurs
    Mada and Saha are on a journey to the forgotten land of Tsingy but they can’t get there without your help.
  • Galaxy Force
    Let's frag some aliens! Use your grenade launcher to explode these aliens at just the right moment!
  • Summer Blossom
    The sun is shining and this cool girl is ready to let her keen fashion sense bloom.
  • Run Kaiju Run
    Kaiju needs some eggs and fast. Why? Maybe he’s making an omelet…
  • Laser Cannon 3: Levels Pack
    Take control of this super-powered laser to squish as many of these icky aliens as you can.
  • Elven Defence
    Defend the castle against hordes of orcs and monsters in this mobile and desktop compatible game!
  • Saga of Kraigen: Tournament of Yshtarr
    The world’s greatest warriors are about to begin a tournament for a golden potty. Wanna jump in the ring?
  • Kogama: Balls Race
    Which one of these round racers will make it to the finish line first?
  • Crazy Coasters
    Can you master all the roller coasters? Ride the most crazy coasters in this amazing multiplayer game.
  • Kogama: The Big Adventure
    The Kogamians are falling over themselves to complete this level! How far can you get in The Big Adventure?
  • Robots Can't Jump
    It’s true. Robots aren’t very bouncy. But they are ferocious. Make ‘em explode and fast!
  • Link a Lucha
    How quickly can you match up all of these wacky wrestlers?
  • Sweet Hearts
    Did somebody say "Pick n' Mix"? Match these magical shapes to win!
  • Choco Dash
    Do it right and this chocolate will disappear faster than on a Valentine's date for one!
  • So Sakura: First Date
    A girl’s got to look perfect on her first date, right? Let the So Sakura stylists get you ready!
  • Puppet Soccer
    How well can you pull the strings of this pint-sized soccer team?
  • Betsy's Crafts: Candle Jar 1
    What’s cooler than a candle? A candle in a jar of course. Let Betsy show you how it’s done.
  • Artie's Dreams
    Artie’s got bunnies on the brain. Help him escape from a crazy dream world just hopping with ‘em.
  • Decision Medieval
    Legions of the undead are on the move. Protect the kingdom’s borders from their wrath.
  • Zomburger
  • Pretty Cure 2
    A warrior’s work is never done. What outfits should the Pretty Cure girls wear during their next adventure?
  • Stealth Bound
    Break out of your hi-tech prison cell. These guards don't know who they're dealing with...
  • Redneck vs Zombies
    All these Zombie animals, we need to protect our farm! Time to grab our shotguns!
  • Tank travel
  • Animal Sweets
    These critters are really hungry but do you know what types of treats they’re craving?
  • Winter Bunny
    She’s excited about the winter weather, but this bunny could use some tips on what to wear.
  • Circus Level Pack
    This little monster is facing one tough crowd. Help him put on a great show.
  • Pixalypse
    All of these futuristic booby traps won’t make stealing these jewels very easy—but you can do it, right?
  • Easter Connect
    Help the Easter Bunny match up these holiday-themed tiles as quick as you can.
  • Sword Art Online Dress Up
    Help this duo get ready for their next battle in the dangerous corridors of the SAO.
  • Carrot Rush
    Aliens have swiped all of the bunny’s precious carrots. Help him get 'em back.
  • Dead Rampage
    Zombies are running amok—but you know how to handle ‘em, right?
  • Coffee Mahjong Collision
    This is what happens when you mix mahjong with caffeine…
  • It's a Witch Thing
  • Galaxy Crisis
  • Easter Bunny Eggs
    Oops! The Easter Bunny dropped his basket and the eggs are all jumbled up. Can you help?
  • Fairy in the Garden
  • Operate Now: Brain Surgery
    As procedures go, this one’s life and death: do you have the steady hands to fix this patient up?
  • Techno Invaders
    Join this intergalactic gorilla on an action-packed trek through the outer cosmos.
  • Motor Beast
    In the mood for a roarin’ rampage? Then jump behind the wheel of this monster truck!
  • My Geeky Boyfriend’s Makeover
    From geeky to gorgeous in just a few simple steps!
  • Classical Princess Makeover
    Have you got what it takes to be a royal stylist?
  • Frizzle Fraz 4
    Grab a jacket 'cause our fuzzy-wuzzy hero is headed to the Arctic to save all of his fuzzy friends!
  • Zirma